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Historical Gems Terms & Conditions.

When paying an advance fee for Pedigree & Family Tree Packages, or a deposit for other Historical Gems Services you are entering into a contract with Historical Gems to conduct research on your behalf.  By entering into that contract you are accepting Historical Gems terms and conditions.

Any disputes regarding Historical Gems services will be dealt according to the laws and  jurisdiction of the courts of England & Wales.

Whilst every care is made to ensure the accuracy of any research that Historical Gems undertakes, Historical Gems will not be held responsible for any costs or consequences arising from any additional uses of that research.

Historical Gems will at all times be diligent in carrying out its research activities.  However, from time to time due to the nature of historical research,  research will sometimes not result in the results expected, or may come to an end without all the questions being posed at the outset of the research being satisfactorily answered. In such cases payment for all of the services provided by Historical Gems will still be required in full.

Historical Gems will always conduct its research as expediently as is possible.  We will provide you with an estimated date that the research will be completed.  However, at times research may be delayed due to issues such as gaining access to, or obtaining copies of historical documents and birth, marriage, and death certificate.  We will not be held responsible for any costs or consequences relating to delays in completing the research by the estimated date.  If it is of particular importance for the research to be completed by any particular date you are strongly advised to contact us in advance.

Some Historical Gems Services, in particular research into family trees, will require us to hold and process data on people who are still alive.  By selecting such services you are consenting to us holding and processing such data.  At times it may be necessary to pass data to third parties, for example, to obtain birth or marriage certificates. We never provide any personal data to a third party unless it is appropriate to do so to progress the research, or unless we are legally obliged to do so.  Whilst in our possession your data will be held securely at all times. With the exception of our mailing list details, all data held by us as a result of a specific research project will be completely deleted from our files within 2 months of the final payment being made for the research.  To be removed from our mailing list at any time please email us at info@historicalgems.co.uk  We are registered with the United Kingdom Information Commissioners office.  Our registration details the types of data we may hold and process. Should you wish to make a subject access request please send your request in writing to Historical Gems, 25 Claypit Lane, Gresford, Wrexham. The fee payable for each subject access request is £10.00.

History archives from time to time will not permit documents to be accessed.  In some instances they will not permit documents to be photocopied or photographed.  In such instances Historical Gems will be bound by the decision of that archive.

Historical Gems Pedigree & Family Tree Packages are only suitable for ancestry that is predominantly based in England and Wales. If it is apparent from the outset that the research requested is not suitable for these packages, Historical Gems reserves the right not to undertake the research.  In such cases any payment received will be refunded in full.

Historical Gems Pedigree Packages only include the cost of birth or marriage certificate that are deemed absolutely essential to complete the research. Historical Gems reserves the right to decide which birth or marriage certificates will be purchased, if any, in relation to these packages.

Historical Gems Premium Packages include a set number of birth and marriage certificates.  Historical Gems reserves the right to select which birth or marriage certificates are purchased.  It is essential that Historical Gems is given this discretion in order that the research can be both accurately and promptly completed.

 Historical Gems requires that payment for its Pedigree & Family Tree Packages are paid in full prior to any research being undertaken.

For any Historical Gems service other than for the Pedigree & Family Tree Packages, Historical Gems will require a deposit of 25% of the estimate cost of the work plus any disbursements prior to any research being commenced.  A final invoice for the outstanding payment will be dispatched with all the final paperwork relating to the research.  

Final invoice payments are due within 21 days of the invoice being dispatched to you. Should the payment be outstanding after 36 days of the final invoice being dispatched to you we reserve the right to take action against you to recover the outstanding debt. If we have to take action to recover an outstanding debt from you we reserve the right to charge you the full costs of recovering the debt from you. We further reserve the right to use the services of a debt collection agency.

Historical Gems full trading title is Mr Wayne Cronin-Wojdat trading as Historical Gems.

Historical Gems correspondence address is Historical Gems, 25 Claypit Lane, Gresford, Wrexham, LL12 8PB

Historical Gems - uncovering the historical gems in your family history