Historical Gems - uncovering the historical gems in your family history

How far back will you be able to research my family tree?

Given sufficient research time it should be possible, in most instances, to trace your ancestors back until at least the early 1800's. Tracing your ancestors back to an earlier date depends on your family tree, and every family tree is different. Firstly, it will depends on your ancestors leaving a trace of their life by being mentioned in historical documents such as Parish records, tithe maps, wills, and tax returns. Secondly, it relies on that historical document still being in existence.


How long will it take you to research my family tree?

We aim carry out the research for you as quickly as possible. As a guide our family tree packages will be completed in the following timescales:


Historical Gems Paternal or Maternal Pedigree Package

4 to 8 weeks.

Historical Gems Full Pedigree Package

8 to 12 weeks

Historical Gems Premium Paternal or Maternal Family Tree Package

8 to 10 weeks

Historical Gems Premium Full Family Tree Package

12 to 16 weeks.

If time is an important consideration please let us know in advance so that we can discuss your requirements.

We will never leave you wondering what is happening as we will always provide you with a weekly progress report on the research.


Can I have copies of the historical documents referring to my ancestors?

If you have purchased a Historical Gems Premium Family Tree Package you will receive copies of these documents as part of that package. All other customers can receive copies of these documents for a small fee. The only time that we will be unable to offer a photocopy or photograph of an historical document is on the occasions that staff at a local history archive prohibit copying of a particular document.

Historical Gems - uncovering the historical gems in your family history